Strolling in the Wilderness

Sometimes we stumble into a place unknown to us, and then a discovery has taken place. Strolling in the wilderness is something worth doing when you notice a site that looks like a haven in many ways. And wandering into a remote location that you’re not familiar with can make you wonder where you are heading and then suddenly, reach a beautiful place or somewhat, my team calls it a breathtaking view.

We went for a walk with my team and I in a remote area; we were four in total; at first, it is quite complicated for us because we do not have any idea where we are going, but the thought we all have agreed is to discover something different and new. While we are in our hike, I jokingly say, we are not lost, we are in Limburg in the eastern province of Belgium in the middle of nowhere. It is fun much talk with different subjects that the four of us shared.

To make the story short, the focal point of our stretch is the beautiful scenery that could hardly find it, especially when you are not a resident nearby the place—a ‘Lake’ that rich in aquatic. The site’s surroundings are tranquil except the noise of the hummingbirds and ducks that swan dive in the lake. The water is clear and clean, that you can see any reflection around it. The freshness of the air, you feel the coolness and, at the same time, calmness of the surrounding.

Here is a short clip from the area.

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The Importance of Forests and Trees.

The world is full of splendid beauty if we consider it and take a closer look at it; we discover and know the importance of forests and trees.

Forest and trees considered as a livelihood for humans and play a decisive contribution to society.

They are commonly known for their crucial roles in food security, drinking water, inexhaustible energy, rural and urban economies. They produce income for rural households in all countries in the world – noticeably more in large areas – and used as fuel for cooking and heating for one in every three people worldwide.
Forests are demanding to livelihoods, and are indispensable to sustaining agriculture. And it is also used as a shelter. Some other ways to figure it out; wood and paper from trees, fruits, etc. not forgetting, such as by-products, cosmetics, detergents, and medicines.

Lastly, trees fight erosion, keep and protect the ground below their branches fresh, and provide homes for an estimated eighty-five percent of the world’s natural plant and animal species. From medicine to food supply to climate regulation, forests are a fundamental, irreplaceable resource.

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Flowers are Eye-Catching

This garden is one of the most two hundred beautiful landscapes in Europe. It is located in Geistingen, the Eastern part of Belgium, and is an open garden with a variety of plants, but the majority are roses.

Thanks to rearing breakthroughs, practically anyone can grow roses. Typical roses that stipulate weekly sprays and ceaseless pampering have been replaced by new, tough-as-nails beauties that blend flower power, winter hardiness, and inflammation defiance. These roses new selections are called the landscape roses.

These groups of roses include many different types, but floribunda, climber, miniature, and shrub roses often fit the category. These types of roses truly deliver, blending vigorous flowering with the best bug resistance. Once mural roses start flourishing, flowers keep coming the intact the entire growing season. Blossoms typically are gathered in an assemblage.
Whether you’re composing your first jaunt into rose growing or have a courtyard full of roses, you won’t go wrong trying one of your favorite scenery roses.

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The Silence of the Noise

One of the most visited areas in the rural place of the Limburg region is in Kinrooi, the eastern part of Belgium. The site is always tourists packed with locals alike, but due to the current situation, the world pandemic, the area has become the rural tranquility.

The site Geistingen is one of the five districts a part of the municipality of Kinrooi, situated in the region of Limburg, Belgium. The Tranquil Geistingen sat to the next “River Maas” only five kilometers to the Netherlands or Holland border.

Kessenich is the oldest village. Opposite the neo-Gothic St. Martin’s Church in Kessenich is the ruin of a robust octagonal moth tower from the 12th-century.

The rural Kinrooi consists of five church villages: Geistingen, Kessenich, Kinrooi, Molenbeersel, and Ophoven. The municipality is rich in remarkable monuments such as castle Borgitter, the Slichtenhof, and three grinding mills: the Keijersmolen, Zorgvlietmolen, and Lemmensmolen. Kessenich shows off the ruin of the 12th-century moth tower and the Sint-Martinuskerk, ‘(Saint Martin Church ) pearl of the Maasland.’

Since the outcrops in the floodplains of the Meuse, Kinrooi has become a real water sports municipality. The Marec marinas “De Spaanjerd” in Ophoven and “Heerenlaak” in Aldeneik can accommodate one thousand four hundred boats.

Kinrooi and its surroundings offer a range of cycling and walking options for those who like action and variety. Drive your bicycle’s freedom and follow the blue numbered signs off the cross-border bicycle route network “Kempen en Maasland” or cycle along one of the theme routes: the Molenroute Kinrooi or the Maasvaartroute. Or wear on your good shoes and walk along signposted paths in the nature and forest areas of the Kempen-Broek and the Drie Eigen.

Sunbathers can visit a beautiful sandy beach in the area of ​​”de Steenberg.” Sailing and surfing enthusiasts can indulge themselves in the Maasplassen.

If you prefer to relinquish the helm, you can take a cruise on the Maas with the tour boat “De Paep van Meinecom III.”

The boroughs of Ophoven, Geistingen, and Kessenich still breathe the atmosphere of centuries ago. It is no coincidence that the Roman track wound through these three villages. Suppose you want to experience how it used to be here. Considering the possible in the heme chamber of the Historical and Historical Society Kinrooi, beautifully situated in the renovated Slichtenhof in Molenbeersel.

The environment is also stunning. In the beautiful Dutch towns of Thorn and Stevensweert, you can read the history of the walls! Aldeneik, Maaseik, Bree, and Weert (Netherlands), with their historical, cultural, and shopping assets, are just a stone’s throw away.

Kinrooi is rich in folklore. No fewer than eight militia groups are still active here, including the Sint-Servatius Raam militia from Ophoven. They were the winner of the Oud Limburgs Schuttersfeest (OLS) in 2017. Colorful traditions such as putting sweep, burning ‘Malbroek,’ the Sint-Maartensvuren, and the Molenfeesten attract many curious people every year.

Map of 3640 Kinrooi
Map of Kinrooi

An exciting opportunity is the least that can be said about the application to register the GrensPark Kempen ~ Broek as a UNESCO Human and Biosphere Area. In times when sustainability is high on the global agenda, UNESCO wants to use this label to recognize areas in which sustainable development is tangible. Since Belgium does not yet have such a space, GrensPark Kempen ~ Broek will be the first Belgian region to try to qualify for this label.

Discover the area municipality on foot, by bike or by boat, through exciting routes, and afterward, let yourself be pampered in a few of the restaurants nearby.

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Anger Can Lead to Distraction

Angry pigeon portrait

A multitude of people gets angry and offended when people attack them or speak against them. They are so quick to fray insults and accusations that were thrown at them.
However, let’s take a look at a great man from the Bible named David. He never got angry in all the numerous times’ Goliath attacked the Israelites.
Goliath would insult and even ridicule the Israelites, but David never responded. But when Goliath begins to speak evil about the God of Israel, and that David, ready to reprisal, questioned, “Who is this uncircumcised Philistine to defile the God of the armies of Israel?”
The moment Goliath communicate against the God of Israel, David entered into defense posture.
Why is it then, that you, as a child of God, can hear many insults against your God yet keep quiet? Why do you get disturbed the way you do when they talk about you and, however, remain indifferent when they insult your God?
We, as soldiers of Christ, rise and learn how to fight and defend this God whom we serve. We are here to be an exemplary trooper who will secure the cause of the gospel no matter what may seem to happen.

Thank you for reading.

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Attitude Can Motivate or Break Anyone

Attitude can motivate or break anyone. Sometimes our views can snare us with the way we approach the situation we engaged in life.

I remember years back; I have a neighbor who lives a luxurious life. She owns many properties in some countries in the world. I call her a billionaire. She is a kind-heart person who loves to share anything she has to anyone she pleases, and considers me one of her friends.

She lives in an electronic house with twelve bedrooms with a toilet in it, five bathrooms, and a vast swimming pool in which she is the key to entering. And if strangers come closer before going inside the house a meter away, you can hear the alarm outside instead of inside, and it is like the loud sound of a car alarm.

Her passion in life is playing the piano, aside from playing different kinds of instruments. Her life circulates alone with a keyboard because when she was three years old, she started playing the device, and to this day, she calls it her husband.

The problem arises when one of her favorite pianos has broken down, and according to her, the device is so precious that she can’t replace it because it is a gift from her grandmother. She told me that whenever she plays to it, it reminds her of the good memories she had from her grandma. Then she has begun to look for somebody who can repair the instrument, but out of ten people who she knew that they’re capable enough to fix, contrary to what she expected. However, she never gives up with her device to let it go, but her attitude towards her household turns sour.

In the second half of the year, to be precise September, she came to my place asking me if I know anyone who could repair her piano. I answered her that I do not know anybody, but I suggested she advertised through Newspaper and accepted it.

Three months later, a man who was in his over seventies came to her place to go and fix her piano. The man looks skinny and filthy knocks to her door and opens it, at first she thought that the man comes for food, so she went to her fridge to grab anything to give to the guy; but the man said, I don’t come for food, I come to restore your piano. However, she is reluctant to let the man enter her house and tell him he doesn’t need him. She sends him away, but the man is persistent and said to her that he is the only one who can fix the piano and have traveled far to come to her place.

Furthermore, she let him in, after saying mocking words, telling the man that she hired many technicians who are well educated, but they could not do anything, and you think you can do it,” said in a loud voice,” with no respect! The man said, in a calm voice, he replied I would fix it for you.

Meanwhile, the man restoring the instrument is crying according to the maidservant, when done fixing it. Afterward, he plays the piano, and to the owners’ surprise, it settles, and the sound was better than it used to be. The owner apologizes and asks who he is, but instead of answering the man wipe the dusty upper right corner of the device, his name written on it. He said I built this piano, and I am part of it. I gave this to your grandmother as a gift, because she had been an excellent friend of mine.

Most people judge the physical appearance of a person without knowing what they are capable of doing.

Grand Piano, Music, Instrument, Piano, Keyboard

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The Beauty of the Sun

The Alluring beauty of the sun sometimes caught our attention to gaze on it. And when we look at it, it gives the feeling and meaning of our lives day by day, whether bad or good.

Most of us Christians consider that God created the sun with a unique or specific function to govern the day of our universe, and without it, our world is useless. The same through it applies to life; we can not live without the sun because everything it’s connected in it, like happiness, love, friendship and family, and whatever the case the sun plays the significant role in the human race.

To some people, it is their spiritual guidance to direct them in the natural realm of life. And concerning the choice, they wish to follow that the sun leads to their destiny.

And in science, the sun is considered as the primary source of energy on the earth. It is also the source and formation of the clouds, rain and winds. The clouds when formed the water vapor it rises the sky, then it cools and condenses that forming the clouds.

The sun also used for heating water and warming houses by the use of solar energy.

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The Mind is the Doorway to Life

The mind is the doorway of life. Whatever we do in this walk of life, it always starts in the brain. And what the eye sees the brain reacts. If a person uses his mind correctly at the highest level, there is nothing impossible in achieving the dream. Though a stumbling block may arise in any form, you can avoid it, and you can come out victoriously.

The ability to perceive things begins in mind, and without it, the whole being of a person becomes paralyzed.

To navigate in life is to discover your purpose and align your thoughts towards your goals. It is necessary to focus in every endeavor and avoid any distractions that can lead you to your downfall. Examine your idea before you go further or test before you step into it; otherwise, you’ll be entangled with the wrong moved.

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Keep Your Dream Alive and Make it Happen

Life is challenging, and we ought to know our purpose. When we are conation towards greater ambition, whether it can impart our longings or creativity, it can feel like an ascending skirmish. In the short term, it can be challenging to know change taking its position. Sometimes even when we do see the divergence, the results can be feeble. There are many distinct reasons as to why attaining a measurable alteration in life can come to an interruption or even goof awkward because of the way we handle the matter.

Despite the axiom that habits take months or a few days to establish, we all know that that they can vanish and diminish in time. We can remove the proper sustenance arrangement in meditation by practicing to absorb and let it live the word of God daily while feeling unusual inside us. Furthermore, the mere fact of having been prosperous in all walks of life can make us satisfied. After the initial frenzy, we find ourselves on an elevation, sometimes feeling fastened.

It is always yours

Sometimes we embark on massive projects without the goal ever having been influential. They can be because we’ve never listened to ourselves. It can be because we’ve spent lifetime collecting goals that will please others or that seem the most prevalent sensibility.
If you’ve made progress but feel nothing but monotony or apathy, you’ve likely put yourself on someone else’s path. It’s time to start advancing and thrill yourself with the respect you think others deserve. To ensure that the vision, the dream has to be your own.

Aim for good motivation

Self-discipline is recognizable and volatile. Sometimes we need it, and convening resolve is imperative. But when we live on it, we’re likely to burn out. Motivation is something completely different. If you don’t desire something in your life, then you are like a bird without wings that can not fly. Do something anything that can allocate you as a human being. Desire higher than your expectation, and in the end, you see yourself in the epitome of success.

However, when you start to take yourself vigorously, this will change, when you take the distance to think about any fellow you want to be and the life you wish to veneer, the focus shifts from firmness to the innate inclination.

If you did set out with your journey and made it a reasonable effort because of your basic impulse, you can still find the dream dwindle. One reason is that succeeding can make us stop developing. We stop to admire the view and enjoy the rewards, while some later realize we’ve been standing still for a long time.

Success is contumacious. As soon as we start to think we’ve ‘made it, then because of the doubt, we are adrift. And when the advantage of meeting success (reaping as a ‘result’ of the efforts we put in) portend more abundant than the behavior that got us here or the person we needed to be to make such progress, we’re invisible.

These are the crucial times when you need to recess and remind yourself that the process is more important than the conclusion. These are the times, too, when you need to assess the person you desire to be and how it would affect and act about your world.

Do not think of failure and doubt your ability to succeed in life. Drop all negativity that surrounds your thought. Do always think of positive results and avoid necessary distractions.

Thank you for reading.

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A Creation that Amuses Themselves

Have you ever stumble to a place wherein your attention captured by these creatures?

I went for a stroll with a friend, and as we’re on our way home, our attention entangled with this beautiful family of Swans.

Gazing at them and thinking about how they communicate with each other and understand one another. It is mind-blowing. It seems that worry doesn’t bother about anything except perhaps when the river is no longer existing. And there are many reasons to know how they live on their own.

What makes them different from a human being? A real thought: they do not think nor talk, what comes it goes, and they all go with the flow of the tide. Considering that we human faces so many challenges in life that we need to deal with it.

Thank you for reading and have a blessed month of May.

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Flower Festival Exhibition is Canceled

Amidst of this pandemic, COVID-19 has dropped all flower festival exhibitions all over the world. Considering Keukenhof garden park, Lisse, the Netherlands, is one of them.

Keukenhof considered a historic garden park and one of the best gardens in the world, with a size of thirty-two hectares and over two thousand trees that cover the site. It is also known garden park situated at Lisse, the Netherlands.

Every year from mid-March to the second week of May, Keukenhof turns as a central flower paradise with its multiple fields with a colorful rainbow that exhibits extraordinary assorted pavilions during the festivity. The best time to visit the garden park site is the month of April, to discover and witness the marvelous beauty of the fields that filled with magnificent colors anywhere in the area.

If you are flower lovers, the better way to explore the magnificent picturesque site surroundings is by bicycle that can lead you to the historic town of Leiden and the marvelous Haarlem city. Keukenhof rents a bike for three hours or a full-day for adults and children, but you have to return the bikes before seven in the evening. The rental price for three hours costs ten euros and fifteen euros for a full day for adults. And the rental children’s rate for three hours is eight euros, and during the entire day,it is twelve euros for up to 12 years old. And a fee of seventeen euros. The flyer for the route is available from the information desk.

In the field, you are not allowed to stroll, but you can bring anything for picnic purposes that lasted for a few hours. For instance, you are running out of food. In the garden park area, there’s a mobile food outlet, also an Asian restaurant, and a lot more depending on your food choices when you feel starving.

Thank you for reading and God bless.

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The Power Of Making a Wise Choice

In this life, we make our own choice, whether bad or good. The right to choose is a great responsibility that whatever it is, it will open to us. And whatever ways it becomes our reality.

A wise choice we made can lead us to a better person in all areas wherein our freewill can shape us in making the right decision. Also, making a wise choice motivates everyone to build our inner being that manifested or reveals into our actions.

However, multiple people fall in because of the choices they made in life; most of the time, many of us are champion in making the wrong decision. With some, they are no directions to follow, and they go with the flow of the tide without knowing where the wave will take them —people who engaged are into the wrong perception, and prone to destructions that await with their deeds. And too few, they realize that they made a big mess in their life. While others choose to embrace the challenge to reach the fame they wish to achieve in their walks of life.

In anything we do in life, we can only achieve if we place God first amid everything that we undertake. To ask God to give us wisdom and knowledge for us to have a good result in all aspects that we choose in our day to day routine of life. It is so essential for us to live in light, love, favor, and praise with God because he is the author and finisher of our faith.

Making a wise choice is that we need to ask, and to gain wisdom from God and persistent prayer is a must. God is a good God, and he answers everyone’s’ according to his perfect will. He is a covenant-keeping God when he promises it always comes to pass.

Whatever you choose, you stick in it, and it becomes your reality for days ahead of you. It is important to pray before doing what you think you can do, but when you ask God to intercede and to lead you forward, then no failure result arises on your behalf because, with God, all results are perfect.

Thank you for reading and stay safe everyone. God bless!

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