My Savior

He lifted me when I’m down
When He sees me falling apart
He strengthens my bones when I run and direct me to m
y right path
He played a vital role in my life so I could reach my destination
He comforted me when I am about to faint and lost
He is my stronghold in times of troubles in unknown territory
He takes my hands and rescues me with his unfailing love
Ever willing to help anytime in his way when I call him
He is always there to enlarge my coast to prepare into my next level
And ordered my step to my destiny like a spring of waters that never runs dry
And never get tired to watch over me
He knows where He is taking me through
He leads me better to the purpose he has planned for me
The plan He has in my life is better than my plan and the reason that I allowed him to
control my life.
And push me to my comfort zone to the next level
that more significant influence in life.
The God Who made heaven and earth is my Savior

Thank you for reading.

© 2020 Leonie M.

Happy New Year

I wish everyone a Happy New Year. What makes 2020 different from the previous years? Two thousand twenty marks a very significant year because we reach the Great Grace of God if you believe in the Creator of the world. Our ancestors have experienced a year like in 1717,1818, 1919, and it can take to wait a century before 2121 comes.

May this year brings you all that you wish to achieve in all walk of life.
And may the God I serve shall meet all your needs according to His riches and glory through Christ Jesus.
Once again, Happy New Year
to everyone.

Merry Christmas

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May everyone enjoy the essence of Christmas. Wishing you all the best, and may you receive what you expect from God if it for physical healing financial breakthrough business restoration.

We all know that the Birth of Jesus is the most crucial time of the year; without him, there is no Christmas celebration, and it is very significant to all, especially to those who believe. However, the deeper meaning of Jesus’ birth is to bring light to the world. To save us from the power of darkness and give us a life of abundance.

Merry Christmas, everyone, and God bless you all.

Thanks a lot for reading.

Just A Simple Smile

It brightens everyone’s day with the smile
It provides enjoyment with a disturbance thought
Hound away from the shadow of dusty
That can occasionally generate us sightless

It creates an excellent mood of others
And as the lukewarm of its lights never wares
Stirring the heart of many who are lonely
And embezzlement away their ache

It wasn’t how we had shared it but how it has given
It acknowledges the charm of the personality
And stuffing the twilight with bright
For everyone who comes into its existence, it’s the reassuring site of hiatus

It is a simple glimpse of optimism that will be there endlessly
With an empathetic of its nature
And affecting you with the influence of charisma
With the proficiency you are never apart

It peeved the barricade of enmity
In a nature that is not invariably charitable
And as it laceration over the annoyance of illiteracy
Granting sympathy just a simple smile

Thanks for reading.

© 2019 Leonie M.

Exercise Your Spiritual Faith

Dream in times of distress, there is a moment when you lose your hope and begin to think as if there is no realization on everything you wish for in life. The people you expect that they are there for you in times of tribulation, you don’t see them and feeling like nobody there to encourage you. Then you start to think where is God on your behalf.

The only way to overcome all any kind of tribulations is to be born again in Faith with God by accepting Him fully as your Saviour.
I used to think that God is the one who gives testing in life, but when I started reading the Bible, my perspective has begun to change.
I was considering that all that laid on earth was already there long before we were born, and God has had place everything available for His creations.

Sometimes when disease strikes anyone of us, we begin to think that God is the one who was inflicting it into our bodies, and at the same time, we begin to lose our faith towards Him. The truth is that God is compassionate and is always there for us whenever we call on His name. We ought to understand that God is the same yesterday today and forever. He is not the one who gives us testing; it is the Devil.!

In John 10;10 The Devil comes only to steal, to kill, and to destroy, but I have come so that you may have life and have it to the fullest.

( Don’t mix God and the Devil ).

Remember all the bad things that are happening in our lives. It is the work of the Devil. He comes to steal your joy, your marriage, to kill you slowly by inflicting your disease like HIV, Cancer, and so on, and destroy your dreams.

When you’re diagnosed with any illness, memorize these words and exercise regular hours of the day. Keep on repeating, and the sickness will flee from you, but above all else, believe in God through Christ Jesus. ( By the stripe of Jesus Christ of Nazareth I am healed; Devil I resist you get out of my body you have no authority over my life I will live and not die ). Be bold by saying it loud! Don’t die before your time! Exercise your faith because it is the way that God functions to every one of us. It is by faith that we please God.

Thanks a lot for reading and may the Grace of God be with us all.

© 2019 Leonie M.

Live For The Present Moment

Enjoying life to its fullest
Creating a vitality of simplicity of life
That can bring a memory for the rest of our lives
As we live for the present
And forgetting the past behind

Sing and dance with an open arms
As if nobody is watching around
And lift your hands high with whole charms
Value every second in your life
Align and prepare your self for what has to come

Never let knowledge to depart from you
Make it as a weapon for you to grow mature
Because there are things in life we can’t control
Nourish it well and above all else put God first
Acknowledging that we live for the present moment of time

© 2019 Leonie M.

The Shadow of You and Me

Remembering all the good things
That moment that we have spent
That you and I have shared
Memories that will always remain
In my heart as well as yours
That we called to cherish all through eternity
We may seem apart from each other
But will never forget the shadow of you and me .